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Access Control

Swipe card readers offer a low-cost flexible solution to controlling entry to premises or different areas of a building. They contain a magnetic strip which stores unique identification and entry access permissions.

They operate by swiping the card through a dedicated reader located outside each entry point. Utilising your register of card holders we can report who went where and when.

Alternative options include keypads or biometric finger print readers.

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What’s the use of installing an access control system?

It’s often a simple solution to gaining access into restricted areas; however, it performs an important task of safely controlling entry to sensitive locations.

How are access control systems installed?

The access control system installation at Echo Security Solutions begins with a consultation on what type of system is best for your needs. Hardware will be needed to make the physical security work, including card or fob readers and door switches.

What is Biometric access control?

Biometric access control is the future of security. It relies on human characteristics like fingerprint scanning and facial recognition to work alongside or replace traditional means of authorization, providing a more secure workplace for employees while easing congestion at entrances points during busy hours.

What should I do if an access control card is lost or stolen?

The most important thing is that the cardholder reports the card lost. Once this has happened, they can make it useless by having access revoked in the central database and preventing any further use of their ID to gain entry before someone else does.